Garage Door Repair in Arlington

A garage door is something many people take for granted until they need garage door repair in Arlington. While there are times a garage door might break down without warning, they usually don’t completely break without some sort of warning ahead of time. This warning could be the door becomes harder to open and close, starts making unusual noises or seems to operate less smoothly than it had before. When you notice any of these things happening, you might be able to make those simple repairs on your own.

Garage Door Repair Weather Strip Tips

The weather strips around the bottom of the garage door in Arlington are one piece of the garage that seems to go first. This is due to weather conditions and because the material from which they are made is not as durable as other parts of a garage door. If the weather stripping around your garage door comes loose, it is easy to repair or replace. Cleaning it from time to time with a good vinyl cleaner can make sure it lasts a long time without having to get new ones or spend time re-attaching an old one. If they are brittle and break, they are still easy to replace on your own.  

Garage Door Repair Roller and Track Tips

The roller and tracks are usually the most noticeable part of your garage door system that starts working differently if repairs are needed. Wear and tear from heavy use of these mechanisms can cause rollers to not roll as well. Tracks can also loosen and not fit flush with each other to offer the smoothest operation. The first thing to do is see if wiping them down with oil and removing any obstructions can help get them back to their prior smoothness. Next, tighten any loose bolts in the track to make sure all parts fit up against each other well. This will allow the rollers to transition from open to closed easier.  

Garage Door Repair Spring Tips

The springs on a garage door in Arlington is one thing you should leave alone and allow a professional to handle unless it is obvious that all you have to do is tighten a screw. Even then, you should be extremely cautious. Springs are in a state of high tension, and there is a risk of injuries when working with them. A trained garage door repair professional will know how to replace or fix springs safely. They are well worth the time to call for this sort of repair.




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