Get a Great Smile with Dental Implants in St George UT

Not being happy with the way your smile looks can greatly affect your every day life in a negative way. A beautiful smile is one of the best ways to make a good impression on everyone you meet. There are many cosmetic dental procedures that can help you achieve the look you want. If the reason you are not happy with your smile is missing teeth, Dental Implants in St George UT may be the solution. Here are some of the facts about dental implants from Premier Dental to consider if you want to have a better smile.

Dental implants are ideal for people who have missing teeth because they effectively replace the natural tooth. The implant is attached to a titanium root that is much like a screw. One of the main benefits of dental implants is that they are a permanent solution to tooth loss. They are much better than dentures because you can function normally without having to take the implant out to clean it or eat your favorite foods. The implant can be brushed just like the rest of your teeth. The titanium root attaches directly to the jaw bone. With proper check ups and care, a dental implant can last for an entire lifetime.

The process of getting Dental Implants in St George UT takes place over several visits to the dentist. The first thing your dentist will do is take x-rays of the area and then take a mold of your mouth. This will help your dentist to figure out exactly how much bone loss has occurred due to your teeth shifting near the missing tooth. Your gum tissue will also be examined. It will take about two weeks for the implant to arrive after the molds are taken. During your appointment to place the implant, your dentist will numb you. Many dentists also offer sedation for those who are nervous about dental procedures. Some types of implants come with the titanium post already attached. If yours is in two pieces, two different surgeries may be required. After the dental implant is in place, be sure to practice good dental hygiene including brushing and flossing to ensure the long life of the implant.



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