Getting a Copier Lease in Miami

When starting a business or opening a new office space, the needs are specific – immediate productivity at the lowest cost possible. When you have to buy a large copier upfront to increase productivity, it takes away from your initial earning and can hurt you in the long run.

Security Deposit

One of the differences between copier lease in Miami and other kinds of leasing is the convenient elimination of the security deposit. Although some companies still ask for a small security deposit, it is still not usually as much as you might think. Or perhaps it is the first and last month’s fee but never a full, nonrefundable security deposit. This take much of the startup cost down from what would be the cost of a unit in the first place so you can stop paying money and start making it.

A Range of Terms

For some companies, the needs are short-term and simple. You might need the copier for a year before you can afford to buy one at full price to keep. Other people are not prepared to put down that kind of money on technology and prefer to continue to lease for the long term. This way the copier can be traded up for a newer model when needed, and there is no throwing away a still working copier. Either way, there is an option for copier lease in Miami available for you.

Lease Buy-Out Options

Before you lease a copier, check out the buy-out options before you sign anything. With the way technology develops and grows at such a fast rate, you need a lease that has an inexpensive buy-out option or will transfer to a newer model without any fuss. You do not want to get stuck with a copier that is useless to you halfway through your lease. Make sure there is a safe way out before you commit.

Tax Deductible

One of the best things about getting a copier lease in Miami is rather than the one lump sum upfront cost of a brand new copier, those monthly payments are tax deductible. That means that as long as you have your copier, it will provide you with those monthly tax credits, whereas the one lump sum will give you a bonus for that year only and none of the years following. It is almost like getting paid for having a copier.

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