Getting Back Your Deposit May Be Worth Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Linda Tyler was in the process of moving out of her Austin apartment into a house that she was buying on the outskirts of the city and was relying upon the return of her cleaning deposit in order to pay for some expenses. “I knew that my landlords were sticklers,” she says. “I mean, they documented every little spot and spittle throughout the house, no matter how small, when I moved in. And having lived there five years with small children, I knew there were a lot more stains in the carpet than when I moved in.”

Linda debated trying again to clean the carpet herself rather than hiring a professional carpet cleaning in Texas to do the job. On several occasions, in the previous five years she had rented steam cleaners and gone through the entire premises, but there were a few stubborn stains that just did not seem like they would come out.

I worked a lot on getting my deposit back,” she says. “I repainted all the rooms, scrubbed every surface in the house, made the grouting between the bathroom tiles shine. I was exhausted. I decided it would be worth the cause to have the carpet professionally done myself, rather than having any excuse for my deposit to be refused. I knew that if I didn’t pay for it, they would just use some of my deposit to do it themselves.”

She called for professional carpet cleaning in Texas, and they came out to do a quick inspection of her carpets, including the tough stains. She pointed out problem areas. Before the carpet cleaning professionals began to do the actual job, they used solutions to break up the dirt and grime in problem stains. Using high-grade steaming equipment, they were able to remove the stains and return the carpet to its pristine condition, and it cost much less than the full amount of her cleaning deposit.

They even got stains out that were there when I moved in,” said Linda. “I sort of felt like my landlord owed me money!”

Hiring professional carpet cleaning in Texas to clean your carpets before you move is usually worth the expense, especially if it means getting back a larger deposit (and a clean reference). It worked well for Linda Tyler, and is much less labor intensive, as well, especially during an already busy and stressful time. 


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