Going Green: Green Memory Foam And Other Eco-Friendly Mattresses

The world is increasingly becoming aware of how all sorts of products and actions affect the environment. Individuals around the Globe are trying to become more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. This permeates all aspects of their lives, including their choice of mattress. Some people who want a foam mattress in Jackson MS, are turning to a newer type – Green Memory Foam.

What is a Green Mattress?
The so-called Green Revolution is spreading across north America. With it brings certain concepts. Among them is the idea of everything being green or eco-friendly. Eco-friendly mattresses are made from materials that come from sustainable and renewable resources. They may also be organic – grown or produced without any (or very little) use of environmentally toxic or polluting material or practices.
As a result, looking for a green memory foam mattress involves turning to plant-based options, natural latex and/or fibers that are either natural or sustainable. These include organic substances such as wool, bamboo cotton and tea leaves.

What is a Green Memory Foam Mattress?
A green memory foam mattress must be designed to mimic the characteristics of a traditional memory foam one. To accomplish this, some turn to tea leaf as a substitute for visco-elastic. However, the product may still require the use of other substances to accomplish the true character of memory foam. As a result, it may be “greener” but not completely “natural.”
Another substitute to make a green memory foam mattress is soy. The issue here is whether too people are clearing out too many acres of virgin forest to provide enough soy to create this and other soy-based products. If the environment is negatively affected as a result of growing practices, then the green foam mattress in Jackson MS and other states is not truly green at all.
The result is confusion among consumers and even questionable advertising. Some mattress experts suggest people who are concerned opt for organic natural latex foam mattresses. Others argue that the original Tempur Pedic memory foam mattress is environmentally friendly and safe. The proviso is the mattress must originate from North America or Sweden where quality control ensures the product is both non-toxic and completely safe.

Recent research indicates green memory foam mattresses to be a growing trend in markets. Over the coming year, perceived interest in owning a green foam mattress in Jackson MS and across much of the United States and Canada will continue to rise. More and more people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to their favorite products. This is one of the latest examples of this trend. If you are looking for the Perfect Foam Mattress In Jackson MS look no further than Mattress Direct. Look at all that we have to offer before you go anywhere else. For more information on our products, visit http://www.mdserta.com/.

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