Grass Fed Beef, The Healthy Choice

Knowing where your beef comes from is important to protecting you and your family from potentially deadly diseases. Recent studies have shown that “feedlot” beef has a significant increase in likelihood of contracting the deadly E. coli illness. On the other hand, grass fed beef in Texas has surged in popularity lately as consumers have been educating themselves on the origins of their beef and making the switch to organic meat.

Feedlots crowd conventional beef cattle into close quarters for months before they are slaughtered. They are fed grain for those months in order to fatten them, a diet that has been shown to increase the risk of E. coli contamination. In addition many animal rights activists point out that the conditions that cattle are kept in while they await slaughter are tantamount to animal torture.

Alternatively the diet and lifestyle of grass fed beef cattle in Texas drastically decreases the chance of contamination. As consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the quality of their beef, many are making the switch to organic beef. Additionally if you are concerned about the quality of life of the beef cattle it should be noted that grass fed beef are raised without supplemental growth hormones, and allowed to graze on Texas pastures or ranges for most of the animal’s life.

Supporting grass fed beef in Texas has a positive impact on the animals, and the environment. Additionally it is beneficial to communities because it favors local farms instead of industrial super-farms that exist to process as much beef as possible with little regard to the quality of life of their livestock or the impact their farms have on the environment. Grass fed beef cattle from Texas are allowed to live naturally and stretch their legs, whereas feedlot cattle spend the majority of their lives crowded together in their own filth.

Educating yourself about the origin of your beef is important. The decision to purchase grass fed beef supports local Texas farms and promotes the well-being and long term treatment of the cattle raised to feed us. When you buy grass fed beef you take advantage of the health benefits of eating natural beef. You won’t have to be paranoid about contamination. You can serve beef safe in the knowledge that you are serving up a quality product.

If you believe that the beef that you purchase on your table should come from natural healthy animals raised on organic food sources and exercise then you should make your next purchase grass fed beef from Texas.

Grass Fed Beef Texas – BEETNiK Foods delivers grass fed beef raised at home on Texas pastures to customers in the Austin area. Our beef comes only from local sustainable grass-fed ranching operations to ensure that when you buy your beef online you are receiving only the highest quality Texas beef. Visit today for more information on our selection process and options.

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