Have a Drink POM = Peace Of Mind!

Doctors have started an alarming trend of automatically writing prescriptions for anti-depressants anytime a patient complains about mild depression. The doctors seldom bother to take the time to learn if the patient really is suffering from depression or is just under a great deal of stress. The doctor also rarely passes on the information that about 50% of the patients who take medications to help with the depression don’t get any benefit from the drugs, the worse part about the medications is that there isn’t a good way for the patient to control them, the medications get taken daily, as opposed to being able to use it when they start feeling anxious, sad, or irritable.

More and more health expert have started to advise their clients to look for alternate solutions.

A recent study indicated that flavor can be a powerful form of self-medication. Certain flavors such as chocolate or blueberry actually trigger chemicals in the brain, helping you pull free of your funk and allowing you to return to your customary good mood. That’s why drinks like POM have become so important. They help promote peace of mind.

The world we live in has become really fast paced. We’re working longer days than our parents even thought about putting on. The pace that we set for ourselves makes it really, really difficult to shut our brains off and just sit quietly. POM helps with that. Sitting down and just being calm while sipping on POM will help you quiet your brain. For the first time all day you won’t think about the things you should have said, the arguments you got into, and the pile of work you need to plow through tomorrow. You’ll just be.

Sitting like this for just five minutes can have amazing results. Leaving your troubles behind for ten minutes and simply wallowing in peace of mind means that drinks like POM can help bring about does wonders for helping you put your life in prospective. When you finally reengage your brain you will find that the issues which seemed so big, so surmountable a few minutes earlier, can actually be broken down into smaller, easily obtained benchmarks.

Your mind won’t be the only thing that relaxes. When you use POM drink to help you obtain peace of mind, you will also observe some pretty significant changes in your physical health. The headache that was bothering you should disappear, and the tension should drain from your muscles. The anti-oxidants found in the POM drink help your body fight off free radicals.

The great thing about POM drink is that there’s nothing artificial about it. It’s all natural and Pomegranate and will engage your sense of  taste and smell while also helping your relax.

Information found on Doug Dvorak‘s website helps individuals develop the tools they need to help improve the way they look at the world, while also bettering the quality of their life.

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