Having Commercial Auto Insurance Dade City FL

Every licensed driver who owns a vehicle must maintain auto insurance; this goes for personal vehicles and commercial. Florida is no exception to this rule, registering a vehicle in the state of Florida requires proof of insurance. Any vehicle, whether for personal use or business must have valid insurance through a company licensed to issue in the state of Florida. Commercial Auto Insurance Dade City FL states minimum requirements for automobile insurance is set differently for each state as well as maximums. All drivers and licensed automobiles have to carry current insurance.

Motorists visiting the state of Florida are also required to have valid auto insurance; any person(s) staying in the state for more than 90 Days consecutive and non consecutive within a year must purchase Person Injury Insurance (P.I.P) through a licensed insurance agent. Not all insurance companies are licensed to do business in every state. If you are moving to Florida and have insurance with a company it up to you to verify that they company is licensed to conduct business in Florida. Failure to do so could result in delaying registration of your vehicle and getting a Florida license.

 Commercial Vehicles are also held to the same insurance laws as personal vehicles. A company is required to maintain insurance on all fleet vehicles registered to their company. Commercial Auto Insurance Dade City FL. requires commercial vehicles maintain the same insurance minimums as personal vehicles. Failure to insure a vehicle could result in suspension of the driver and penalties to the company such as and not limited to loss of company licensing. The term vehicle, when it comes to usage, is also defined as any craft that transports goods, services, and people under commercial Florida Law. East Pasco Insurance, for example, in Zephryhills Florida is able to work within the State of Florida insuring many types of vehicles and people.

The company insures all personal vehicles and commercial as well as boats and motorcycles. If homeowner insurance is needed, they are able to do that also. East Pasco Insurance also offers life, mobile home, and workmen’s compensation insurance. Getting insurance is easy, and even easier when you are able to get all your insurance needs met with one company. Click here for more details.

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