Hire the Experts for Emergency Water Removal in Oshkosh, WI and Renovations

When the unthinkable happens and the home is flooded by a weather event, burst pipes, or another cause, hire a company that is licensed and experienced in not only water removal but the needed renovations. Emergency Water Removal in Oshkosh WI is only the beginning of recovery. When the home is dried out, it must be repaired and redecorated. Having one company that does all the needed work well is a blessing to people who are stressed and inconvenienced by the damage.

Getting Rid of the Water

Water flooding events don’t just fill the home with water, it is dirty water with dangerous chemicals, pathogens, and germs. It is not clean, clear water. It is often brown, sludgy water that will not only wet but stain the home and belongings. Time is of the essence in home flooding incidents. The longer the water sits, the more it penetrates and damages belongings and construction materials. As soon as it is possible to enter the home, experienced water removal professionals must inspect the home and declare it safe to work in.

Power may need to be shut off. Then the restoration experts must bring in their industrial equipment to suck up all the standing water possible. Next, they must remove all the waterlogged belongings, furniture, and building materials from the home.

A decision is made for which things can be repaired and cleaned and which items need to be disposed of. The homeowner should be part of this decision. The home must have drying equipment and fresh air used to speed up the drying process and avoid mold infestations. The air and materials left in the home must be tested for toxins.

Fixing the Structural Damage

The next step is to remove and replace damaged building materials. Testing and repairing or replacing electrical wiring, plumbing, as well as wall, floor, and ceiling materials. Where did the water come from? If it was a storm and the roof is damaged, the roof must be secured and repaired or replaced first. Damaged windows and doors must be repaired or replaced to secure the home.

Redecorating The Home

Once all the building and structural materials are in place, the home can be redecorated and made ready to move back into. New flooring installation, patching and painting walls and ceiling, and replacing trim can happen. Contact JG Home Improvements for more home repair and renovation information or Emergency Water Removal in Oshkosh WI.

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