Home made Charm Earrings To Win Their Heart

Julia Roberts’ heart almost skipped a beat when Richard Gere presented her with a necklace in Pretty Woman but could you imagine her reaction if he would’ve splurged and got her some charm earrings? The benefits of charm earrings are practically endless as you can create your own fashion line, limited only by your own creative juices. Charm earrings are nothing if not adaptable, you can choose from simple and subtle to over the top pieces that stretch down to your belly button that fit perfectly with a leopard skin dress.

If you don’t have a billionaire playboy budget but still want to give a gift from the heart, a set of homemade charm earrings sends a deeper message than some run of the mill store bought set. Choose something meaningful and sentimental and they’ll be forever in debt and there’s also a good chance that this particular piece of fashion will climb the popularity ranks in the jewelery case.

How To Make Charm Earrings

The first thing you’ll need when making your beau a set of charm earrings from your yet-unreleased fashion line is something called ear wire. You can get this item for as little as $2 or $3 but make sure your intended gift-receiver isn’t allergic to certain metals. It’s nice to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend they look like a celebrity, but not when they resemble Prince Charles due to swollen ears.

Step two in making charm earrings is the fun part, picking out the charms. Find something that fits your significant others likes and preferably an item that is symbolic. Remember bigger isn’t necessarily better as you might be spending more money on neck massages after they dangle 9 pound dumbbells off their ears all day. A charm that’s adequately sized, not too flashy but noticeable, and that matches a wide variety of outfits is ideal.

To get the charm onto the ear wire, use a needle nose pliers to bend it into a loop at the top. If the charm already has a hole in it, just thread the ear wire loop through the pre-drilled hole and you’ve effectively created a ready-to-wear unique fashion piece.

The final step in making charm earrings is the presentation. Don’t spend all that time creating jewelery from the heart just to dress it up in a brown paper bag. Make some nice wrapping paper or hide the charm earrings in their Chicken Tetrazzine for a surprise at dinner. Either way, you’ll be showered with kisses after the unveiling…and possibly marinara sauce.

You don’t need to shower that special someone with trips to the polo grounds or $80,000 dresses to gain their love. Years later, when one of Julia Roberts’ friends asked her where she got that necklace she probably replied, “Eh, some guy.” When you take the time to make charm earrings from the heart, the person on the receiving end will have a time stamp of that moment for life.

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