Hospitality Insurance Offers Maximum Protection For Hotels, Bars, and Restaurant Owners

If you are running a business in the hospitality industry, you are operating a business that is truly like no other. Such businesses operate on a completely different schedule. Given the circumstances and needs of businesses in this industry, it is about time you relied on other partners to take care of your risks. Hospitality insurance services are designed to help businesses protect themselves against risks that come with their operations. These coverages include, but are not limited to, restaurant insurance, casino owners, hotel and motel insurance, bartender insurance and workers’ compensation. Good accommodation and quality food are your expertise, but it is the job of an experienced insurance company to deliver custom insurance services to boost your confidence as you deliver a perfect culinary experience.

Are your bartenders worried about the implications of the law on their service delivery? The new laws that impose civil liability to the bartender and the restaurant owner who sells alcohol to an already intoxicated person should not limit you from operating your business. To avoid such things as expenses that go toward hefty legal defense fees and fines, you need to buy a bartender insurance that serves to protect your restaurant servers individually and yourself, in the event lawsuits arise from serving allegations.

This insurance plan can give your bar or restaurant a leg up when it comes to beating the dram shop Act laws. Just as your hospitality business is concerned about quality services to your customers, insurance adjusters exist to help you continue providing them the services, no matter the loss. Their personalized insurance coverage will make sure you are back and running as fast as possible in the event the worst happens. The available hotel, tavern, bar and restaurant insurance includes the following:

  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Fire
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Defense costs outside of the aggregate limits
  • Liquor liability
  • Workers compensation

In our increasingly litigious community, every business offering services in the hospitality industry should have the best possible protection from lawsuits. Better still, through various insurance services, businesses can protect themselves over serving and saving lives. One split-second event can result in heavy defense costs, legal fees and judgments against your property. Therefore, you can stay ahead of these issues by signing up for appropriate Hospitality insurance plans that suit your daily operations.

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