How A Residential Waterproofing Contractor in Newton MA Can Protect A Basement From Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more common threats that homeowners must address. In addition to coming from flooding and plumbing, it is also possible for water damage to occur due to condensation and moisture seeping in from the soil. Due to these threats, it is common for basements to encounter this type of damage, but this problem can be mitigated by hiring a Residential Waterproofing Contractor in Newton MA. These professionals can take a variety of steps to help improve the resiliency of a basement against this threat.

During the waterproofing process, a contractor will need to apply a special coating to the walls of the basement. This coating will prevent moisture from seeping into the basement through the walls, and it does this by forming a waterproof layer over the small pores in the stone and concrete used in the walls and floor of the basement. Applying this coating can prove to be especially effective for homes that are in low areas or that have soil with poor drainage, and it further has the benefit of lasting for many years before it needs to be applied again.

Unfortunately, this coating may not be enough to completely waterproof the basement if the surrounding soil has extremely poor drainage. To further enhance this protection, contractors may install French drains around the basement. These drains will prevent water from accumulating around the home, which will help to reduce to the chances of the basement walls developing cracks. In addition to this threat, it is can also be necessary to improve the ventilation in the basement to help prevent wild humidity swings from occurring.

Protecting a home from water damage can require having the basement waterproofed. Without this type of protection, it may be possible for moisture to seep into the basement from the surrounding soil or to form from condensation. Over time, this can cause cracking, mildew and molds to start developing. Luckily, there is a Residential Waterproofing Contractor in Newton MA with the experience required to help their clients protect their basements from this routine threat. To learn more about these services, individuals should visit

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