How Dentists In Bend Oregon Can Help Your Family

Remembering your childhood dentist might be a positive experience, but if you had tooth decay and needed extractions or fillings you might have a different perspective.  Rather than acing the semiannual dental check-up, you may have had some problems that needed attention.  It’s something that happens to people of all ages at some point in their lives, but children can especially be sensitive to the stigma of having a cavity.  Dentists in Bend Oregon can help your little ones feel at ease from the getting x-rays, to teeth cleaning, to an occasional filling.  Having the skill and expertise of an experienced dentist can make a difference in the way your family feels about attending their semiannual exams.

Dentists in Bend Oregon understand that children might exhibit fear when coming to their appointments.  The uncertainty of what the dentist might do to them is usually the main culprit in creating fear, so having a staff that can help to explain a procedure before actually doing it can assuage a child and bring them comfort.  Something as simple as an x-ray may need to be explained before it is actually taken.  Using words to describe events to even the youngest patients can make a big difference.

When a child gets his or her teeth cleaned in a dental office for the first time he or she may be uncooperative at first.  Dentists in Bend Oregon can help to quickly put the child’s fears at rest before starting the cleaning procedure.  Mentioning the yummy flavor of toothpaste can encourage the child to at least try to have his teeth cleaned.  It would probably be a new experience for a child to have a water spray in his or her mouth.  Referring to the water spray as “Mr. Thirsty” might make it more appealing.

If the unthinkable happens rest assured that dentists in Bend Oregon will be there to help.  The unthinkable might be as simple as your child having a cavity that needs to be filled, or as serious as a playground injury that results in the loss of a tooth.  Either way, a dentist that can provide care to a child can assist in making his or her mouth healthier and happier.  Again, the concept of instructing little ones before the start of a procedure is always a good way to begin.  It can ease the tension the child may feel.

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