How Fleet Management Systems Work

Fleet management systems are designed to manage a company’s fleet of vehicles. This includes all types of vehicles – everything from the trucks used to deliver products to vans used for service to cars used by the sales staff, along with all other vehicles and heavy equipment used by the company.


Fleet management serves a variety of purposes for businesses. The system can be used to track vehicle maintenance for more efficient driver management, monitor speed and fuel usage, and for safety management. A good fleet management system will help to reduce overall costs (including fuel) and even lower insurance premiums for the business.


Companies use fleet management systems to:


    * Minimize risk by monitoring the fleet for safety

    * Improve efficiency with more effective driver management

    * Increase productivity for scheduling service and delivery

    * Reduce transportation costs, including gas and insurance


The vehicle tracking component of good fleet management systems can serve a variety of functions for a business. Generally, most fleet management systems use GPS devices to track the vehicles. The information is transmitted to the software and continually updated to provide reliable data for managing the fleet and planning.


This information can be accessed through either traditional software or a web-based software application. Web-based software provides the benefit of having the ability to access the information everywhere, from any internet connection. An added benefit is that there is no additional software to purchase, install or maintain.


Fleet management systems provide real-time locations on a map to track vehicles and make important business decisions. These systems gather statistics about the vehicle, such as fuel consumption, mileage and other information related to the fleet. Notifications and information can be sent by email, text or phone. The data gathered from the software can be used to increase efficiency, reduce costs and manage drivers.


RASTRAC has fleet management systems for businesses in many industries. We have systems that are specifically designed for heavy construction, oil and gas, transportation, security, education and many others. If one of our products doesn’t meet your specific needs, we can create a custom solution for your business with the components you need to manage your fleet.


Browse our website to learn more about the fleet management systems that are available for businesses of all sizes in any industry. Please contact us to discover how our fleet management systems can help your business.


When thinking of buying or installing fleet management systems for fleets, transportation companies can rely on RASTRAC.

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