How Private Investigations in Rockland County Work

by | May 8, 2012 | Business

Many people often wonder who private investigations in Rockland County actually take place. With more individuals and companies employing private investigators to find out exactly what might be going on with potential fraudulent individuals or cases, the industry has grown significantly over the years. But, many folks don’t understand how the process works in the first place, and as a result, when it comes to hiring a PI don’t know what qualities to look for in a Private Investigator hire.

For the most part, a private investigator does not follow the same lavish lifestyle that has been documented for years on television shows, movies and even classic literature. Today’s private investigators rely on several key abilities, methods and practices which allow them to obtain detailed information legally, accurately and ethically.

Learning Sources of Information

A good PI needs to understand how to obtain information through multiple sources. This includes learning how to access public and private records legally. It is also imperative to know that even the best information obtained is no good if the information is not provided through reliable sources as well. The ability for today’s private investigator to get information about any case is usually what determines the success or failure of the investigation from the beginning.

It’s also important that every good private investigator understands the relationship of how effective the internet can be about providing information for investigations. But, although the internet is a resource, it is never fool-proof. Sometimes information posted online is fraudulent itself, and a good and experienced private investigator has the ability to understand what online sources are valid, and which are less than good.

Learning Successful Surveillance methods

Although the majority of Private Investigation is done in the office, a good PI also needs to know effective and legal methods of surveillance in order to document the activities of any case they encounter. The thing to remember is that the job of any private investigator is to determine the truth about any issue; not what you want them to find out. A case in point is when a company hires a private investigator to monitor the habits of a person who might be filing false workers compensation claims. Although it may be in the best interest of the company for the PI to discover fraudulent activity, their job is to determine the truth.

Effective surveillance methods will teach them techniques to uncover the truth; not to catch the person they are investigating in the act. In fact, in many cases, when a PI is hired to uncover a suspicious claim, they find out that the claim is 100% legal and ethical.

Learning Effective ways to Find Missing Persons

Often a private investigator is hired to find missing people who are either in legal trouble, face financial responsibility, runaways, witnesses who have skipped town or anything in between. There are many methods available for finding people who either don’t want to be found or are looking for help in locating a lost relative or loved one. Finding these people quickly and ethically is another important step in the investigation process.

When you really look at the entire process of investigations, it can easily be determined that it takes talent, time, and experience to be a great private investigator. When you are looking to find a company who specializes in private investigations in Rockland County, make sure they have a solid background with these three areas.


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