How to Care for Your Tan after Spray Tanning in Newport Beach

Once you have made the decision to go spray tanning in Newport Beach, you will need to learn how to care for your tan. Because the spray tanning involves a chemical reaction under the first layer of your skin, it is important to know how to care for it so you can experience the effects longer. As long as you do what you should, you won’t need to come back for a touch up as often.

The day you get your spray tan done, you will need to use caution to ensure you can get the maximum effect from the tanning spray. For starters, you must wear loose clothing you don’t mind getting ruined. Some of the spray may get on your clothing and may not wash out. In addition, you need to avoid getting your skin wet for about six hours after you get your tan. This includes swimming, bathing and even sweating.

After you have gotten through this first period of time after spray tanning in Newport Beach, you can resume your normal activities, but you must be careful at the same time. Keeping your tan looking great requires you to avoid long showers, certain soaps and lotions, bug spray, make-up remover and anti-acne treatments. These items may not completely get rid of your tan but can lighten it or make it blotchy.

Moisturizing your skin is extremely important after you have used a spray tanner. This will help keep your skin in good condition. In addition, you should pat yourself dry after a shower so you don’t rub off the skin layers that have been colored by the spray tan. When you shower or bathe, make sure you are using a soft rag with a shower gel to protect your tan. This will help to make your tan last longer so you don’t need to spend so much getting resprayed.

If you are considering going spray tanning in Newport Beach, you will need to know exactly how to care for your skin afterward. It is important to wear something that you don’t mind getting ruined, as well as do what you can to keep your skin dry for a while after. Once you pass this period, though, you simply need to take good care of your skin with a moisturizer and avoid certain products to help ensure your tan lasts as long as possible between applications.


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