How To Choose Emerald Rings

Emeralds are one of the most beautiful stones but unless you know how to choose them properly, you may end up selecting counterfeit stones.


Emeralds are by far one of the most lovely stones with their beautiful green hue. This standout gem is selected using the 4 c’s just like a diamond is. However when comparing the various elements, color is weighted heavily when choosing emeralds. If an emerald is a brilliant green color, you can be sure that it will be worth more than an emerald that is of a more lackluster hue. You can take the time to search for the most vibrantly colored emerald in order to select the very best stone for your tastes.


Just like diamonds, emeralds should also be beautifully cut to guarantee that their brilliance is enhanced. When you are searching for the best emerald rings, make sure to investigate not only the color but also the cut of them. This will allow you to have the very best emerald rings that are a match to your tastes and preferences. The cut of the emerald describes its depth, faceting, shape, and width. A perfectly cut emerald should be exactly symmetrical and uniform to allow its natural brilliance to shine on through.


The clarity of the emerald rings you are considering is also a key component when choosing them. However unlike diamonds, you don’t want a clear emerald or else you may begin to suspect that it is not real. Instead look for natural imperfections since most emerald rings have 99% inclusions which means the clarity is never perfect in emerald rings. The inclusions formed in emerald rings are a result of gas and liquids that form cloudiness in the rings. However this never detracts from their beauty. You can find the very best emerald rings at your local jewelry store.

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