How to Choose the Best Food Storage Container for Your Needs

Choosing a food storage container for your kitchen doesn’t have to a long, exasperating process.  Food storage containers can help you save money by storing leftover food.  By storing leftovers you can save hundreds of dollars a year in food rather than trash whatever you have leftover from any meal.

What Should You Look for in a Food Storage Container?
In today’s news, BPA-free plastic is the most sought after food storage container.  Animal testing linked the BPA chemical to health problems that included cancer and even brain damage.  Since this testing went public, the Food and Drug Administration has helped to eliminate BPA plastics in the manufacturing process.

You can find BPA-free plastic much more easily than you could a few years ago.  They are usually clearly marked.  Those that aren’t marked on the packaging will still have some kind of indication, such as the number seven on the container.

Sets Verses Individual Containers: Which is better?
If you need more than one container, it’s more cost effective to buy sets if they are available.  Many times you can buy set that will set nicely in one another making it both cost effective and easy to store.

How Do You Clean a Food Storage Container?
While there are some containers that are dishwasher safe, it’s always a good idea to hand wash a food storage container.  This is because dishwashers can carry bacteria in the crevices.  Food storage containers can also easily warp and change shape from the high heat of the cycles in dishwashers.

Hand washing a food storage container will ensure that your storage containers are gently washed and will not be under high heat.  When trying to remove odors or tough set in stains, it’s a good idea to wash with bleach.

Just mix a solution with ten parts water and one part bleach.  You can fill the container and let it sit for an hour or overnight then wash with soap and water.  You must rinse and allow it to air dry as well.

How Do You Store a Food Storage Container?
When storing a food storage container you should always label your food.  Experts believe this is the best way to store food by putting the name of the food and the date you made the food on a tag and place it on the container.

It’s also important to store your food in amounts that are reusable.  You want to store enough food in one container for a meal verses storing one container with enough food for three different meals.  This makes it easier to store in the freezer and fridge.  You just need to pull out one container for a meal.

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