How To Deal With Allergies In St Augustine Florida

The thing with allergies is that they seem able to strike at anyone in any place at anytime and often without any prior warning. To those unfortunate enough to suffer from any form of allergy; the experience is real enough; for the rest of us, it is hard not to conclude that the other person’s suffering isn’t imaginary – rather than caused by Allergies In St Augustine.

What Is An Allergy?
An allergy is something that triggers a reaction in a person’s body which causes that person’s immune system to take action. Often, the trigger or allergen is something in the air (pollen for example) or something in food being eaten (such as peanuts); insect bites and stings can also trigger allergic reactions. Exposure to the fur of some animals and certain medicines are other causes of allergic reactions.

Whatever the root cause, the onset of the effects is often extremely rapid and can take several forms; such as a runny nose; congested sinuses; even a full asthma attack; or skin rashes and itchiness through to hives and even eczema. With so many causes and effects, pinpointing the exact nature of the problem can be tricky; let alone finding the best cure. Medicines that are available tend to mask or remove the symptoms rather than cure the cause. In cases where the particular allergen has been positively identified; people are simply advised to avoid exposure to it; rather than attempt to cure the problem and prevent its reoccurrence.

Wellbeing & A Holistic Approach To Allergies
There are many who believe that the condition of our mental and physical health is a multi-faceted whole made up from many constituent parts and, when treating any malfunction; it is necessary to consider the whole. Since Allergies In St Augustine area are acknowledged as something interfering with; or disrupting the immune system; a wellbeing approach would be to work with ways of improving the immune system itself. Tension and fatigue can be shown to have effects on our immune systems which can lead to us developing allergy like symptoms; if we simply take some anti-histamine type drugs to remove the symptoms we are not really doing anything to solve the basic problem itself. However, if we work at reducing the tensions and relieving the fatigue in our bodies; we could improve our immune system to a point where the allergy disappears. Many chiropractors believe in this holistic approach and include total wellness programs in their practices.

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