How to Deal with Unsightly Leg Veins

Purple legs do not look attractive, do they? Because of a variety of reasons, the veins in our legs sometimes discolour the surrounding skin and show up close to the surface, making us feel not as beautiful as we once did. How can we fix these unsightly leg veins that affect most people? Seeing a dermatologist to find the best treatment for Leg Veins in Costa Mesa is a key element to feeling your best.

Causes of leg veins
Believe it or not, varicose veins and other Leg Veins Costa Mesa affect 30 to 60 per cent of people, mostly women, according to WebMD.¹ Ways that leg vein problems can occur include:
1. Heredity
2. Jobs that require constant standing
3. Obesity
4. Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and menopause
5. History of blood clots
These are just some of the reasons a person might experience leg vein problems, as the list can go on.

Treatment for leg veins
By seeing a dermatologist, he or she will be able to help with Leg Veins Costa Mesa. Here are some treatments that might be recommended:

Support stockings – This is the most conservative approach, as these stockings are available in pharmacies or through a prescription. You can purchase them for below the knee, above the knee and full stockings. Worn every day, they can improve the quality of your legs, especially if you constantly stand at work.

Diet and other changes – Must you have a job where you are on your feet, or can your boss allow you to sit? If your weight is a cause, making changes to diet and exercise will improve Leg Veins Costa Mesa. Hydration also is important, and not just for the leg vein problem.

Sclerotherapy – This is a method that was developed in the 1930s where a saline solution or other detergent is injected directly into the veins, causing it to disappear over time. This is touted as relatively inexpensive and easy because it is an outpatient procedure.

Laser and light treatments – There have been development of a variety of laser or light treatments, some more intense than others.

Surgery – If veins are too much to handle or are creating a serious health risk, surgery might be an option. This one requires more recovery time and could be more expensive.

Treatment for Leg Veins Costa Mesa is something to talk with your dermatologist about during your appointment. He or she will discuss the best course of action in order for you to feel good again about your legs, and get rid of unsightly leg veins.

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