How To Detect The Presence Of Bed Bugs

When it comes to preventing the entry of unwanted pests into your home, you want to take the extra steps to seal off entry points so that bugs and other critters from outdoors cannot make their way in. However, with bed bugs, a whole other set of precautions must be taken.

Bed bugs in CT are so small that their presence is often unnoticeable. In fact, the only way to completely ensure that bed bugs stay out of your home is to never go outside because they often cling onto clothing, luggage and pets. Unless you become a hermit, there is a chance that bed bugs can enter your home.

Since never leaving your home is not a feasible way to live, you can take extra measures to reduce the risk that you don’t unknowingly bring bed bugs into the home with you. It is a good idea to contact a pest exterminator and have your home inspected and sprayed once or twice a year.

In most cases, you will not begin to suspect bed bugs are around until you begin noticing bite marks on your body, which will manifest as red marks and rashes. If you begin seeing these marks especially after returning from a trip, then there is a strong likelihood that bed bugs are the culprit and using your bed as their new hideout. Hotels and other places of lodging as well as airports, subways and other places where people congregate tend to be hotspots for bed bugs.

Even if you keep your home tidy and dirt-free, bed bugs in CT can still thrive under the condition. Their small size is part of what makes them so resilient and hard to get rid of. Though there are bed bug sprays that you can purchase and use, it is unlikely that you can completely eradicate the problem on your own. The best solution is to rely on a professional agency that deals with bed bugs in CT. An exterminator knows the signs to look for and can eliminate the entire colony without damaging your mattress or furniture.

Bed bugs have been around long before humans have. They have adapted to survive under most conditions and are not easy to get rid of. The job should be left to a pest control service that specializes in microscopic critters like bed bugs.

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