How to Determine the Health of Your Marriage

Have you ever really thought about whether or not you have a good marriage? Do you know how to determine if your marriage is healthy? There is no thermometer or lab test that can tell you these results, which means that you have to use other methods to gauge your marriage’s health.

There are a number of situations where one spouse is completely shocked when the other asks for a divorce, believing that everything was fine. While you can use the services of a Marriage Counseling Therapist in New York City, you can also determine the health of your marriage with the information here.

There are some who judge the success of their marriage based on their happiness. They generalize the entire relationship with the belief that if they are happy, they must have a good marriage. However, they fail to note whether or not the happiness is from their marriage, or from other, external factors, such as their extended family, work or other external factors. With the help of Marriage Counseling Professionals, you can find out where the happiness in your life is really coming from, and determine if it is, or is not, from your spouse and relationship.

Another way that some people measure the health of their marriage is with the thought that they are able to get through both the good and bad times, so things must be going good. However, a good marriage is not marked by someone just being there for you, there is actually much more to it. These are things you can discover by using a couples counseling center and exploring your relationship.

It is important to discover whether you are determining the health of your marriage based on behaviors or feelings. For some, simply feeling good about their spouse is enough but for others it is more based on the behaviors. In most cases, the actual health of a marriage is determined by both feelings and behaviors. You also need to discuss these things with your spouse to see how they feel about the relationship as well. This is the only way to determine if there are any real issues present.

There are a number of things that a marriage counselor can help you learn about your relationship. They will help you see things the way they are and fix any issues that are present. For more information about this, you can visit

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