How To Find Chicago Coin Buyers

If you have many coins in your collection that you would like to sell, you will want to find coin buyers in Chicago. While you can work on shows and auctions, you may wish to find a dealer that can help you, as they are usually more qualified and will take a fair price. However, finding a qualified one that is honest may not be as simple as doing a quick search online, so you’ll want to know a few helpful tips.


Whether you want to buy or want to sell your coins, it is important to know that the person you are selling to is experienced. If you are selling to an individual, they should understand the value of what you have. If you are selling to a dealer, they should know what the value is, especially if you don’t. They shouldn’t try to con you out of a good deal or get one over on you, but should instead be courteous and professional in how they handle their transactions.


While it isn’t as necessary that your dealer have assets if you are looking to sell your coins, you may also want to buy some at a later point and want a respectable place to go. They should have funds available to keep them afloat through the years. Whether they purchased fake coins on accident or sold them by accident, they should be able to buy them back without having to close their doors.

Well Known

Well-known buyers can make it easier for you to sell your coins because you know they do business with other numismatics that enjoy working with them. Look for dealers that have joined a guild and have a good reputation for being honest and reliable, because these people are well-known by their peers.


Ethics comes into play whether you want to buy or sell because you want to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Before selling your coins, you may want to watch how they deal with others. If someone comes in with a lot of pennies and they glance at them and offer something without even looking at them, they probably won’t give you a good deal.


A buyer who is a member of a guild will likely have to have decent ethics and have specific ways of handling disputes. Therefore, know what your recourse is if there are any problems with the transaction. This can include getting too low of a price, being lied to about your coins and much more.

Chicago coin buyers, especially dealers, can help rid yourself of unwanted coins while still getting fair prices. Visit Chicago Gold Gallery today to learn more.

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