How To Keep More Ants From Coming Into Your Home Until The Ant Exterminator In Ruckersville Arrives

Once you discover that you have an ant infestation in VA, these pests can be hard to get rid of. An ant colony can number in the thousands and once they find a way into your home, more will follow. If you can’t seem to get rid of the ants in your house, call an Ant Exterminator in Ruckersville to eliminate the pests for you. Before the exterminator arrives, use these tips to prevent more ants from invading your space.

Maintain A Clean Kitchen

Most of the ants you’ll see will be in your kitchen and this is because this room holds most of the good stuff. Ants will be looking for food, so it’s important that you keep your dishes washed, your table and countertops cleared off and food crumbs swept up out of the floor. Place open boxed foods such as cereals, cookies and crackers in plastic containers and seal them with a lid. If any food or drink spills in your kitchen, clean it up right away and keep your trash can emptied.

Close Off Entry Areas

Look around the inside of your home to see if you can find out where the ants are getting in. Pay close attention to windows and doors and if you see the ants trailing in through these areas, spray a safe inside insect solution around these areas. Many insect sprays are non-toxic, so if you don’t want to spray chemicals inside your house or if you have children or pets, you can buy one that’s organic. Walk around the outside perimeter of your home and look for cracks in your foundation or other entry points and seal them with caulk. Ants prefer to build their nests in damp areas and if you have a water leak in your basement or under your bathroom sink, check these locations for nests. If you don’t find any nests or if you can’t determine where the ants are coming in, an Ant Exterminator in Ruckersville can examine your home for you.

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