HVAC Inspections Offered by a Professional Air Conditioning Service in Affton

As the winter weather is slowly starting to come to a close, more homeowners are turning their attention to their home air conditioning system. For the residential HVAC system to be prepared for the demands that will be placed on it over the spring and summer months, a homeowner may want to turn to a professional Air Conditioning Service in Affton. The good thing is, many professional services can do some simple things to ensure that a residential air conditioner is going to be up to the challenge.

Checking Out the Outside Unit

The first thing that a professional Air Conditioning Service in Affton does is inspect the outside unit. Inspecting things like the compressor, the return and supply lines from the compressor to the air handler as well as checking the refrigerant level are all important things to do. If the system checks out, it will likely be ready for extended spring and summer use. However, these inspections can also spot potential problems that may need to be repaired so that the system is working at optimal levels.

Inspecting the Air Handler

The other aspect of the air conditioning system is the air handler unit, which is located inside of the home. Checking out the condition of the condenser coils as well as the blower fan, which amplifies the cold air and moves that air through the vents, is also important.

With so much condensation, condenser coils can begin to rust and corrode over time, and in these situations, the coils may need to be replaced. Also, because of dust and dirt and other debris that can build up on these coils, the coils themselves may need to be cleaned off in order to provide the best results. Blower fans can begin to wear out over time as they are typically used both for heat and air conditioning, and if the fan isn’t working properly, it may need to be replaced.

Making sure that your home is as comfortable as possible during the warmer times of the year is important, and that is precisely what the services of Harster Heating & Air Conditioning can provide. If you air conditioning system hasn’t been checked out recently, you may want to give Harster Heating & Air Conditioning a call to schedule an inspection service.

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