IGF-1 – A Growth Hormone

IGF-1 is a growth hormone that is naturally made in the human body and closely resembles the structure of insulin. It is an essential element to aid in growth for children, as well as having anabolic effects for adults. This element is made from 70 amino acids. At Pro Peptides, our IGF-1 hormone is ideal for research purposes, allowing researchers to study the effects of this growth hormone and how a lack of the hormone can affect the human body. In fact, it is often used as a treatment for failure to grow.

A Cancer Promoter?

One of the ways in which IGF-1 is being used in research is to investigate the increasing instances of cancer in humans. While there are many factors that can contribute to the development and spread of cancer in the body, the presence of IGF-1 can actually be a cancer promoter in the body. Some studies have shown that higher levels of this growth hormone in adults can increase the risks of tumor growth. However, when paired with inhibitors that bind to and neutralize the IGF-1 in the body, the instances of cancer and the growth of tumors was reduced. More studies are needed to determine the best ways to neutralize IGF-1 in adults in an attempt to reduce the instances of cancer and help individuals live healthier lives.

An Anti-Aging Element

Like many other forms of growth hormone, IGF 1 is a powerful anti-aging element. In other studies, using a synthetic version of this hormone boosted the overall levels in the body and generated some anti-aging effects. Those who were exposed to the hormone several times a week were able to easily increase their muscle mass and reduce the occurrence of fat in the body. For women, this hormone also prevented bone loss, which is a serious problem among aging women.

More Studies Are Needed

Before IGF 1 becomes a common treatment option to provide anti-aging benefits, it is important for researchers to purchase and use synthetic IGF-1 to use in their research processes. We take great pride in offering the highest quality in synthetic hormones to give researchers the tools they need to investigate the benefits and potential risks of using these hormones in the human body. Even though it is an element that is generated by the body naturally, it is important to understand all the risks before moving forward with human use. It is not worth the risk to start testing on humans without solid evidence that it will be beneficial more than harmful.

In order to complete effective, accurate research, access to the right tools is essential. At Pro Peptides, we offer synthetic hormones that closely resemble those created by the human body. These products allow researchers to experiment with them and determine their most effective uses in helping the human race improve their overall health. We offer IGF-1 in a number of vial sizes, giving researchers the tools they need to complete their work.

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