Important Facts You Should Know About Impulse Bag Sealer

The impulse bag sealer is a machine that is primarily used to seal a variety of packaging materials such as thermoplastic packages and polypropylene bags. When compared to zip closures and taping, these sealers look more professional and sophisticated. In addition to that, these sealers are a lot more flexible than your traditional sealing techniques.

How they work

As the name suggests, impulse heat sealers use heat or electricity followed by an instant cooling process to bind plastic sheets. Once the melted parts of the plastic sheets have cooled down, it will set to form an airtight and strong seal. The packaging is then sealed tightly and permanently, until it is removed by the user. In order to get the best possible results from this sealing procedure, the operator of the heat sealer must combine the right pressure and temperature for the accurate span of time.


These sealers can be used to package food products and make protective container for shipment purposes. If an item is to be temporarily stored or shelved, a sealer can be a superb tool to protect the item from scratches and dust. For this reason, a lot of medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics are now using this exceptional sealing tool to provide sterile packaging for their instruments. Also, unlike other sealing techniques, this sealer can be used to protect items that are to be transported in bulk quantities.

Applicable to various types of plastics

These sealers usually have temperature controls that allow users to manipulate the temperature of heat so that the temperature can be increased for durable plastics or lowered for delicate and softer plastics. Regardless of the type of plastic you are going to use, a good bag sealer will be able to create an airtight seal for it.

Kinds of sealers

There are many different types of impulse bag sealer available on the market today. The most popular types of heat sealer include automatic models, foot pedal models and tabletop models. If you are looking for the least costly heat sealer, opt for a tabletop model. In most cases, tabletop models are operated manually by hand. Foot pedals, on the other hand, are operated through feet, in order to keep your hands free to move the plastic sheets. However, if you are looking for the best and most effective way to seal plastic bags, it is strongly recommended that you choose an automatic model. Unlike manual heat sealers, automatic models can provide efficient sealing results in a short span of time.


Sealers come in a wide array of sizes, from portable and small twelve inch sealers to big forty eight inch tabletop heat sealers. Basically, the size of your sealer will depend on what you are going to seal. Small and portable heat sealers, for instance, are ideal for operating rooms and clinics since they can be handy and will require minimal storing space. Large heat sealers, on the other hand, are best suited for manufacturing, processing, and shipping companies.

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