Important Questions to Ask a Led Installer NJ Firm

Before taking on any type of home improvement or renovation project, it is important that you seek as much information as possible from the experts. LED fixtures and lamps are gaining popularity among many homeowners and businesses as replacements for the conventional lighting solutions. If looking to incorporate LED lighting fixtures into your project, it is vital that that you prepare yourself with the following questions to ask your LED Installer NJ professional to fully understand the scope of LED lighting.

What type of fixture is this?

Considering the huge number of LED fixtures available, your Led Installer NJ professional should be in the best position to help you understand the different methods available and their advantages. These types include:

LED light panels

LED garden lighting

LED wall washers

How will the installation affect lighting life and quality?

Under optimum conditions, LEDs operate for between 50,000 to 100,000 hours. However, poor installation and fixture design can drastically reduce the lifespan. Your installer should be able to explain in detail, the measures he or she has taken to ensure that the fixture will last for many years to come. Some of the commonest installations include:

Open air

Semi ventilated


What is the lifetime cost of an LED fixture compared other conventional lighting technologies?

The easiest way to get the costs of lighting fixtures is by comparing the initial buying price; however, this measure is just a small portion of the whole story. The lifetime or lifecycle cost takes into consideration overall price of lighting system, including buying price, installations costs as well as operating costs. A Led Installer NJ professional should be in a position to do the math for you and come up with an accurate figure to help make the final decision.

Will the fixture provide the lighting quality I desire?

Your satisfaction will heavily depend on the quality of lighting provided by the fixture. Quality lighting of LED refers to:

Light level

Lighting distribution and uniformity

Lighting color

Other questions that you should ask the LED Installer NJ professional include the manufacturer’s guarantee, rated life of product and availability of replacement parts should the product breakdown. These questions will also help you gauge the installer’s experience and therefore help you make a better-informed decision on whether to hire them or not.


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