Improve Function and Home Value: Bathroom Remodeling in Lake In The Hills, IL

Some of the most effective improvements that make a home more functional with maximum return on investment include remodeling projects and additions. Basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling are all at the top of the list of value added improvements, and the return on investment can be immediate in the form of more functional space or it can be in increased future resale value.

Home Improvement on a Budget

Across the board, contractors, homeowners, prospective buyers, and home appraisers agree that three of the most desirable features in a home are a fully functional basement, an updated modern kitchen, and updated modern bathrooms. In comparison with other home improvements, these three areas provide the best value for dollars spent because they have the highest ratio of appraisal value per square foot to cost per square foot. This makes banks more willing to approve a bathroom remodeling loan than they would be to approve a loan for new furniture and a paint job.

How to Choose a Contractor

A homeowner needs a contractor with the expertise to get the job done quickly and within the budget. This is especially true for kitchen and bathroom remodeling because those spaces are needed living space for everyday use. A project that is behind schedule or that is held up because it’s over budget takes away a homeowner’s use of that space, which may not be a big deal for a bedroom but is a big deal for a kitchen.

Xtreme Builders & Remodeling specializes in all types of home improvement projects including kitchen renovations, basement finishing or renovations, and bathroom remodeling in Lake In The Hills, IL and its surrounding areas. They are licensed, bonded, and insured and professional-quality services in multiple construction trades are guaranteed.

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