Inspecting Garage Door Tracks

After a lot of use, your garage door may start to stick or not operate as smoothly as it did when it was brand new. Taking a look at the springs and oiling the hinges may help, but it is also beneficial to inspect the tracks that the rollers roll on to see what kind of condition they are in. If the rollers get stuck on the tracks or progression is impeded, this can lead to problems with the door. Things to look for include:

1. Make sure the track is securely fastened to the walls. To do this, inspect the bolts and screws and make sure everything is tight.

2. Look carefully along the length of the track for any damage that might be apparent. If the track is dented or bent in any way, this possibly adds resistance to the progression of the rollers and makes the door harder to open or close, or might even cause it to get stuck. You could try to repair mild damage using a rubber mallet, but if the damage is extensive, call a garage door service in Kansas City in order to repair or replace it.

3. Clean the tracks of anything that might impede the progress of the rollers, including various types of debris or collections of dirt. If there is a lot of grime and grease that has collected in the tracks, merely cleaning the tracks may solve any kind of usage problem you have been having with your garage door. Use a strong dissolving agent and let it sit for a while so that it can penetrate any stubborn build-up before you wipe it down. Repeat, if necessary, until the tracks are completely free of obstacles.

4. Adjust the tracks if they are not aligned appropriately. The sections of the track that ascend from the ground up should be parallel to the door frame.

5. Use measuring tape to confirm that the opposing tracks on the garage walls are leveled at the same height.

6. If you find problems with the rollers not being in the track and not going in as you seek to adjust it, you may need to call a garage door service in Kansas City in order to fix the problem.

7. If you find problems with missing or broken springs, or with the drum, solutions to these problems may only be provided by an experienced, professional garage door service in Kansas City.

A garage door service in Kansas City can inspect all aspects of your garage door operations when you call them for maintenance or repair on your door.








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