Introduction to CCTV in NYC

As the initials imply, CCTV in NYC is a system where the television signal circuit is closed and the elements are all directly connected. Broadcast TV is not directly connected but the signal is delivered from the airwaves. New York City uses thousands of CCTV systems, the uses are endless but most are employed for security. The secured area can be as small as a mom and pop shop or as large as a football stadium, size is not an issue. The system is basically simple; a camera delivers an image to a monitor via co-axial cable. That’s it. They are often inexpensive and a single monitor can have the screen subdivided so as to accept input from more than one camera.

CCTV in NYC is connected to a video recorder. The cameras are controlled by a video switcher which usually is set by the operator and the video out of the switch sends the appropriate image to the video recorder. The simplest of systems use fixed cameras with fixed focal length lenses. If the area to be covered is immense the solution is to use cameras which are movable by remote control, the camera platform can either move on a pure horizontal plane or both vertical and horizontal known as pan and tilt. Variable focal length lenses can also be employed to allow for detailed investigation of a close in image by the operator.

How does CCTV in NYC prevent crime? Firstly, the CCTV acts as a deterrent, just the camera itself may cause the thieves to think again about breaking in as the risk is too high. The results of the CCTV can be used during the prosecution of the thieves or shoplifters which have been caught on camera. There is the element of reducing fear. If customers and residents of an area know there are CCTV cameras they will feel safer and finally there is the constant monitoring provision. A security guard can act on any suspicious moves or activity and possibly prevent a crime from taking place.

There are other schools of thought about the effectiveness of CCTV in NYC for crime prevention. Studies have been made where criminals have been asked if security cameras had any effect on their committing a crime or not. Unfortunately many said “no” as they see a CCTV to be passive and not active. There is truth to this, a camera can only record a fact, as it witnesses the crime take place it can do nothing, it is only the effective use of the image captured by the camera that is of any value. Many times by the crime is discovered, and this could be a shop lifter being seen on the CCTV and not in person, the culprit is long gone, never to be seen. Many criminals see CCTVs a nuisance but not a deterrent.



There is nothing perfect in crime prevention but the use of CCTV in NYC is only part of the solution, but an important part. To have CCTV installed in your facility call American Locksmiths for reliable, professional installations.


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