Keep Your Food Storage Stocked With Freeze Dried Food

Many people are learning the importance of having freeze dried food storage in Utah. If a natural disaster were to occur, you would need food to survive.  If you were left without power, the food in your refrigerator would eventually spoil and many items in your pantry will eventually expire as well.  Having freeze dried food that can last 20 years or more is important because you can store it in a place that is easily accessible and you never have to worry about it going bad. You can be prepared for any emergency situation by having freeze dried items on hand.

Why does freeze dried food last so long?  It’s because the water from the food has been removed so it cannot spoil or go moldy. When it’s freeze dried, it is just left with it’s basic structure.  Without water, it cannot grow bacteria.  When you open freeze dried food, it’s important to immediately seal it after you use it.  You don’t want any moisture coming into contact with your freeze dried food.   

So why would you want freeze dried food?  Well, if an earthquake or other natural disaster occurs and leaves you without power or access to a grocery store, what other food options would you have?  Sure you could eat the food you have on hand in your refrigerator but that will spoil quickly without power to keep your foods cool so it will only get you so far.   With a good supply of freeze dried food storage in Utah, you can have several meals a day for everyone in your family.  You simply dish up the food, add a little water and voila…the dried food becomes a regular meal.  It’s a good idea to still have some sort of heat source on hand so you don’t have to eat everything cold.  Check in to portable heat sources online or in stores so you can have a way to heat your food.  

Another great thing about freeze dried food storage in Utah is that it is incredibly light.  This makes it the perfect meal to take on the go.  Especially if you are carrying meals for a large family.  You can store the food in a 72 hour kit and it won’t weigh down your backpack or bag.  There are no heavy soup cans to carry and it is sometimes compact enough you can carry up to several weeks of meals for your family.

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