Know All About Buying Property in Thane West

Owning a property in Thane west can pay you rich dividends because of the speed with which development is taking place in this suburb on almost all fronts. The city was once historically significant, and today forms an important urban collection of residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Thane west is generating as much interest as Mumbai among developers, builders, and real estate investors. Those who are looking to buy their first home are also taking a close, hard look at this part of the Mumbai suburb.

The Thane Municipal Corporation has been carrying out various development activities in the west since 1982 but the real transformation of this part of the city began in earnest only a few years back. Prices of Property In Thane West has skyrocketed in the recent past because of the continuous effort of the authorities to develop civic infrastructure and also because of the tremendous attraction the place has generated among real estate investors.

Well Maintained Public Places Add to the Charm of the Place

Among the most striking features of Thane west are the well maintained roads, parks, and public spaces. The two main lakes in the area were transformed from dirty dumping pools to stunningly beautiful and scenic picnic spots. For the first time in India, bio-remediation process was used for the purpose. The main junctions have become positively attractive because of the beautiful fountains, channelizers, green chowks, illuminations, and other attractive formations. State-of-the-art cleaning machines are used by the TMC to clean and maintain roads and sideways.

Thane west as well as the east have an effective solid waste management process in place which ensures clean and well-maintained gutters and drains. There is an independent pollution control department attached to the TMC which keeps a check on air and water quality through well-equipped monitoring stations.

Ample Resources for Entertainment and Play

Thane residents, especially those residing in the west, have no dearth of entertainment and leisure opportunities. There are many auditoriums, open grounds, swimming pools, gardens, and a stadium where they can get high value entertainment. Numerous schools, markets, and hospitals ensure that the residents get every type of care and facilities they need for a smooth and hassle free existence.

While Mumbai property rates are beyond the reach of the common man, Thane west has lots to offer to those who want to buy a decent accommodation within their budget. People are attracted to Thane because of the well developed public transportation systems and the excellent green cover made possible by the presence of more than three lac trees planted by the TMC.

It is the right time to buy property in Thane west because real estate prices are just beginning to take off. There are several projects going on across Thane west. You are sure to find flats and apartments of your choice and in a well developed locality.

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