Lean Sigma Certification and the Importance of Training

Waste cannot be tolerated in business. Waste isn’t just producing manufacturing defects. Waste can be overproduction. There are multiple programs and management philosophies designed to reduce waste, the two most famous ones being Lean and Six Sigma. There is the combination of the two, Lean Sigma which attempts to marry the two approaches. Many companies require management candidates and personnel to have lean sigma certification. The general premise is that Lean attempts to weed out inefficiencies such as over production or misallocation of resources, 6 Sigma is dedicated to reducing inefficiencies caused by manufacturing errors. Between the two of them the goal is to not over produce or misuse resources and to not create wasteful product. However, what matters to an individual employee is the process of getting Lean sigma certification.

The tools that one will acquire along the way to acquiring Lean sigma certification will no doubt help them as they attempt to do business and actually perform the tasks of management, but for many people what matters most is the ability to get the actual Lean sigma certification itself so they can prove that they’ve acquired the actual education needed. From the company’s point of view they need the proof that comes with actual certification because it’s hard for a company to extensively test someone’s education and knowledge of management until it’s too late. Certification provides a way to outsource the complexity of training to people who are practiced and experienced with it. Training is vitally important at the management level, and hoping someone does the reading on their own and internalizes the lessons. It’s hard for someone with no experience teaching to actually teach things.

Education is a skill, not all educators have to be certified to teach, but once they’ve learned, and been trained how to teach they are much more effective. Teaching someone how to use a management system requires more than just knowing its ins and outs, but also understanding how to explain these things to a person. To use an analogy many math teachers know math well but don’t know how to make it practical to a student. The same is true for the classes for Lean sigma certification. Your boss might know how it works but will not be able to teach you properly, learning as you go with management can be tricky. Instead being able to take structured organized classes from people with experience educating means that you’re more likely to get the skills you need, and if they offer a certification your employers can feel more confident in your abilities once you get your lean sigma certification.

Lean Sigma, and Lean sigma certification can help make a company more efficient and thus profitable. Getting the education in the system is important; Smarter Solutions can help arrange the training and certification you need. They can be found online at https://www.smartersolutions.com

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