Learn The Myths Of Liposuction In Houston And Its Truths

Many men and women have found the body contouring procedure called liposuction to be extremely helpful in losing fat around trouble areas and looking their best. However, as with any medical procedure, there are many myths associated with the operation in Houston, and it is time to find out what they are and what the truth is.

Only For Women

While it is true that most of the patients requiring the procedure are women, nothing says that men cannot also have the procedure. However, it has always been in the past that women placed more emphasis on a younger look and better body contouring. However, in recent years, men have decided that they too need to look younger and have a more contoured body for their jobs or personal needs.


While early techniques did have some danger associated with them, newer methods are available that use smaller suction devices, making this less traumatic and dangerous than ever before. Patients feel less pain, have fewer bruises and recover quicker than in the past.


Though the procedure is slightly expensive, it will depend on certain factors. Typical factors include the country where the procedure is performed, which part of the body is treated and the method you choose. Comparing liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries can soon point out to you that it is less expensive.

Used For Obesity

While the procedure can be used to reduce fat deposits in trouble areas, such as the thighs or stomach, it is not a cure for obesity. This method isn’t recommended for those that are severely obese and want to reduce their body mass. However, sometimes doctors recommend the procedure as it can help patients realize their potential and get them motivated to lose weight.

Newer Techniques Work Better

No one technique will work best for every person. The technique chosen by your surgeon will be the one that fits your needs best. Laser and ultrasound versions can be used on smaller body parts because they offer more precise improvements. However, they aren’t meant to be used on large areas of fat.

Permanent Procedure

While most people who have the procedure do not require it again, the results are not typical and are based on your overall health and weight. If you gain a lot of weight after the procedure, you’ll likely need the system again.

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