Limiting Your Risk of Cell Phone Radiation

About Cell Phone Radiation

In todays world nearly everyone has a cell phone, in fact there are an estimated 200 million cell phone users just in America. While cell phones serve as a great necessity during moments of crisis when a regular telephone is not around, they also pose risks to our health. Not to mention that the use of cell phones is continually growing as they become smarter and more advanced. Much of the population has actually replaced the land-line telephone with the cell phone, due to it’s convenience. But many are unaware the health risks that a simple cell phone may cause.

Scientists have long been worried about cell phones, since their introduction into society. Now such scientists are fearing that a majority of the worlds population may be on the verge of a serious health crisis. This is because studies have since linked the dangers between cell phones and cell phone radiation as it’s often called. Cell phone radiation may cause a host of problems in humans such as brain cancer, eye cancer, higher blood pressure, brain tumors and a variety of other serious health problems. While many cell phone users don’t yet see or feel the risks their cell phones cause, they will after many years pass.

Cell phones are a great addition for safety measures, but it’s also important to protect ourselves from cell phone radiation at the same time. We can’t just do away with our cell phones, but we can take these simple actions to help limit our risks of cell phone radiation and its dangers.

* Don’t Put Your Cell Phone in Your Pocket: While it’s convenient to store your waiting cell phone in your pocket, it also poses dangers. It’s best to keep a cell phone in a purse, case or something that is not directly sitting on the body. Body tissue, especially near the groin has great conductivity and absorbs radiation far more quickly. In fact, in studies of men who kept their cell phone in their pocket noticed lower sperm counts.

* Do Not Use Your Cell Phone in Enclosed Metal Spaces: Using your cell phone in an enclosed metal place such as an elevator or car will cause the cell phone to use more power. When the phone has to use more power to make a phone call it sends out more radiation, and being in an enclosed metal space means that none of it can escape. Ultimately, being in a wide open space is best, but we realize that’s next to impossible.

* Do Not Make Phone Calls During Low Signal Strengths: Although unknown, this one is important. When the phone has one bar or less it means the phone must work harder to make the phone call. As we learned previously, the phone working harder means more radiation. So try to only use the cell phone when it has plenty of signal, unless of course it’s an emergency.

In addition to limiting your use of cell phones there are plenty of other options, such as cell phone cases, sticky guards and more that can protect you from cell phone radiation. Whatever you choose to do, remember that cell phone radiation is dangerous and will likely cause a plethora of health problems down the road.

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