Main Types of Weight Sensors Available In the Market These Days

The use of transducers in electric circuits of the scales and meters that we use in our daily lives is of great importance. If you take a close look at the market scenario, then there are a large number of products available in transducers, each of which is designed to meet the specific requirements of multiple application equipment. Remember, there are a wide variety of options available in transducers and sensors available in the market today. Let us take the singular case of weight sensors that are available in the market today.

Are you aware of the different types of weight sensors that are being used in different equipment in the heavy industry scenario? Alternatively, have you any idea of the different working mechanisms of the different weight sensors used in various equipment? Here, is a quick look at the different types of weight sensors that are being used in balances, scales, and meters today. This classification will give you a clear idea of the main options available to manufacturers of these meters.

  • Torque Sensors: These are mainly used in equipment set in development laboratories, quality assurance, and production processes. These products can easily convert analog to digital signals and vice versa. These days many models available in the market have built in speed sensors. The basic working of the product uses integral measurement conditioning system to generate the output required in analog or digital form.
  • Force Sensors: These are technically the most important types of weight sensors available in the market these days. They can play multiple roles in the working of the electric circuits of the scales. These products measure and detect rate of change of load applied on the equipment. They also identify force thresholds and trigger necessary action in order to prevent equipment damage. These are also crucial for detecting contact or touch and measuring relative changes in load applied on the equipment.
  • Pressure Sensors: These cannot measure truly static processes and can operate only when quad static processes. Pressure sensors may utilize quartz or semiconductor to generate the electrical signals in the circuit. These products are used in equipment which is used for dynamic measurement processes like cylinder pressure, air bag pressure, and cavity pressure checking.

When selecting weight sensors for a meter, technicians decide on the basis of the function that the equipment will be put to. Each of these weight sensors is designed for specific purposes. When the transducers are selected for multipurpose applications, the most common type of product selected by the technician is force sensors that are compatible with all types of multiple load based applications.

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