Maintenance And Repair Of Urethane Foam Roofing In Oklahoma

Semi-annual checkups, preventive maintenance and immediate repairs will keep your urethane foam roofing in Oklahoma last longer. Roofs are exposed to sunlight and other natural elements at all times and get worn down fast. Preventive maintenance will ensure that you save money on the repair cost. When properly maintained, a good spray polyurethane foam roof can last up to 20 years.

Preventive Maintenance Of Urethane Foam Roofing In Oklahoma

Urethane foam roofing in Oklahoma is low maintenance and easy to repair. Follow the guidelines below to add extra years to your roof.

* Make sure that the roof is cleaned of all debris including the ones around the HVAC unit, pipes and other roof installations. Debris can hold moisture and that can deteriorate the roof over time.

* Urethane foam roof have tendency to develop blisters. If they become large and look ready to crack open, call your roofing service company for repair. Use polyurethane caulking to repair yellow exposed foam, splits and punctures or any other damage to the roof.

* All the drains should be clean and unclogged and any overhanging trees or branches should be trimmed. Make sure that there is no damage or crack on the caulking and sealants. If you do see a cracked caulking, scrape it away with a hard brush and reapply a fresh coat of caulk.

Large repairs for Urethane Foam Roofing In Oklahoma

There are two types of repair work done on the foam roofs – small repair and large repair procedures. Small repairs include using a caulking gun while larger repairs typically involve your roofing service experts permanently sealing the area with a new coat.

If it is not possible to hire the experts, follow the broad guidelines for larger repairs:

Cut and remove exposed, wet and damaged foam until you see the good dry foam underneath. Make sure that the roof is clean, dry and free of any debris. Use the appropriate tools, like, a sharp knife, saw or a grinding wheel to cut through the blister. Patch the problematic areas and using a foam repair kit, re-foam the area that is damaged. Re-foaming is quite easy, make sure to follow the instructions from the kit. Add the coating to the foam. You will need to work quickly as the foam dries up within a few minutes of spraying.

Small repairs for Urethane Foam Roofing In Oklahoma

Small repairs need to be done when the penetration or damage is localized and can be fixed by using caulk. For coating on the foam, use white reflective coatings as they have better reflective properties and are energy efficient.

Once you locate the problem area, make sure that the foam is dry, clean the area of all contaminants and use urethane caulk to patch up the penetration. Add a elastomeric coat over the foam. At all times it is better to get professional advice and help with urethane foam roofing in Oklahoma before you start any project.



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