Maintenance for Hot Tubs Houston

People purchase Hot Tubs Houston for a variety of different reasons. The vast majority are looking to create their own relaxing atmosphere inside their backyards, complete with hot temperatures and soothing jets. Those moments of enjoyment can be cut short if a homeowner does not take the proper care of his or her hot tub. Hot tubs need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they last for the next several years.

Keep It Clean

Hot Tubs In Houston tend to get dirty whether they are being used or not. Dust and debris can get into the water and in turn, into the system even if the unit is tightly covered. The filter should remove most of those particles but the owner needs to make sure and check the filter frequently to see if anything needs to be changed. It takes a short amount of time to take out the filter cartridge and clean the surface. Calcification and different types of build up can prevent the water from flowing smoothly and require the entire system work much harder than it should.

Cleaning the surface of Hot Tubs Houston is easy. With a soft cloth, the entire area can be wiped down with a very mild, non-abrasive cleaning product. If a cleaning product is questionable, it is best to talk to a professional in to pool and hot tub industry to learn more before using it on the surface. If a cover is protecting the top of the hot tub, a spray of the hose and a quick wipe with a cloth should clean it up quickly.


Keeping the right chemical balance inside Hot Tubs In Houston is a given. No one wants to be relaxing in water that is cloudy or taking on a green hue. The water should be tested regularly and the right amount of chemicals, including spa shock, bromine, ph increaser or reducer added. At home test kits are available or a sample of the water can be taken down to the local hot tub dealer for evaluation. Stains and scales will often buildup along the water line and can be treated with an additive to the water. However, in most cases, the hot tub should be completely drained and the scales scrubbed off before starting to refill.

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