Medical Alarm: Pros and Cons of the Life Saving Device

A medical alarm device is very essential for senior and sick people. It helps them to be independent and at the same time keeps them under continuous monitoring. The alarm device is an elaborate electronic device which consists of a push button system which is connected to the base centre (home of the patient) by the means of telephonic connections. When the alarm is raised, the operator receives the signal and directs the information to the proper place, depending on the intensity of the emergency.

The alarm system is connected to the telephones of the house so that the family members get an immediate knowledge of the emergency. The alarm system is generally run by power supply, but it can also run without power supply for a few hours without power during power cuts. Many senior people avoid using this product as they think it will hamper their independence. But in the following cases it is more essential than a mere option.

It is essential beyond doubt if you are:

* Suffering from a severe chronic disease and you are under strict medication.

* An often visitor of emergency wards in hospital.

* Too weak to go around without companion.

* Unattended by a 24 hour care taker.

* In need of an assistant while doing your regular works.

* Dependant on an external support (balancing stick/wheelchair) for your movement.

Pros of the medical alarm system

The medical alarm system does not hamper ones independence rather gives them confident and stress-free state of mind. It offers the user with a sense of both security and independence. These alarm system comes in various lucrative shapes that effectively removes the apathy from the mind of the users. This system smoothly fits into the daily lifestyle of the user giving him and his family members a sense of security and relief.

Other lucrative features of the medical alarm system

1. The alarm devices are not something gloomy looking electronic device. They come in fashionable shape of a pendent, necklace and bracelet that perfectly match with your wardrobe. It saves your life while giving you a stylish look.

2. These pendants and necklaces provide an effective 24 hours monitoring service.

3. These devices come with waterproof feature so that you need not remain conscious of the health of the devices.

4. These bracelets and pendants are lightweight, lucrative and stylish. They are available of different metal and materials.

5. They come with various range of reach ability (home and outdoor).

6. They have battery backup systems that supports in the time of power cuts.

7. The operators give it regular monthly checkups to ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

8. It charges you with no hidden fees and offers periodic checkups for the users.




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