Misconceptions About CPR Courses NJ Residents Can Take

While CPR courses NJ residents can take are readily available, many people don’t take advantage of this lifesavings training because they don’t think it’s right for them or that they don’t need to. With an estimated 80 percent of all cardiac emergencies occurring at home, the actual truth is these classes are important for anyone who has contact with other people on a regular basis.

Here are some of the common misconceptions about CPR courses NJ residents have access to and the actual facts about them:

CPR is Best Left to Medical Professionals

This is flat out not true. While medical professionals must be certified in CPR and other lifesaving techniques, anyone can and should learn this technique. The fact is many dire emergencies occur when access to medical professionals isn’t immediate. The more people who know CPR and can perform it at a moment’s notice, the better. Parents, teachers, students, co-workers, coaches – anyone – should learn CPR if regular contact with other people is part of everyday life.

CPR is Only Needed if Older People Live in a Home

Not true. Sadly, CPR is often a critical lifesaving technique for infants and children, too. Emergencies that require its use can occur in swimming pools, bathtubs and other locations. Parents especially should consider looking into infant and child CPR training as the techniques for children do vary from adult CPR just a bit.

People who do live with older persons should, of course, take these courses, as well. The reality is CPR can come in handy at home no matter the ages of occupants.

CPR Classes Take a Long Time

Also not true. In most cases, CPR courses NJ residents at Oceanside CPR can take only call for a few hours of time. Through hands-on learning and teaching, students learn what they need to know to be able to perform this technique when it’s needed the most.

CPR Courses Cost a Lot of Money

While most locations that offer CPR courses NJ residents can take do require a fee, it’s generally pretty small. That nominal amount of money could end up adding up to a life saved, which makes the expense very worthwhile.

CPR is a valuable tool that anyone can train to use properly to save lives. While no one wants to ever have to perform this technique on a friend or loved one, the reality it is important to learn just in case.

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