Myths About Drug Addiction

Substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis helps save lives. Unfortunately, many of the people who need treatment for a drug addiction never get it. One of the reasons that addictions are often untreated is because of the myths about drug addiction.

Myth: Addiction is a Choice

Fact: It was a person’s choice to start using the drug initially. However, addiction is a disease that affects the brain. The addiction causes changes in the brain that causes a person to crave the drug. If a person were to stop using the medicine without any medical intervention, then they could put their lives in danger.

Myth: It is Possible to Detox on Your Own

Fact: It is essential for people to detox under the supervision of a medical professional. If you attempt to detox on your own, then you may put your life at risk. Addiction has caused the body to become dependent on the drug. That is why you may experience life-threatening symptoms if you try to detox on your own.

Myth: Addiction is due to a Lack of Willpower

Fact: Many factors can lead to addiction. It does not have anything to do with a lack of willpower. Genetics, family history, psychological conditions, and family pressures can lead to an addiction.

Myth: You Need to Hit Rock Bottom

Fact: Many people do not seek treatment for an addiction until they lose their job, family, home and suffer serious health problems. However, it does not need to get to that point. If you get treatment early, then you can avoid hitting rock bottom.

Myth: You Would Know if Someone had an Addiction

Fact: Some people have addicts in their family and do not know it. Addicts often try to hide their addiction.

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