Natural Prostate Treatment for Men

More than 10 percent of men suffer from prostate issues as they age. The prostate gland is a major part of the male reproductive system and is only the size of a walnut. Positioned just below the bladder, the prostate, when it becomes enlarged, causes many problems for men and typically requires treatment at some point in their lives. Today, there are a few options for natural prostate treatment for men that allows them to avoid medications with side effects or major surgery.

A Natural Part of Life

Prostate enlargement occurs to all men; however, not all men feel the symptoms. The prostate actually grows twice in a man’s life. The first time is when a boy hits puberty. The second time it grows can occur anytime after a man hits 25, but it more likely occurs when a man is in his 40’s. A man does not specifically know when the gland grows; he actually doesn’t even realize it until the unpleasant symptoms occur. Some men live symptom free, while others suffer with multiple symptoms.

The Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

All the symptoms of an enlarged prostate affect a man’s ability to urinate. Some men suffer from frequent urination, while others deal with urgency and the inability to urinate at all. For many men, the first signs start when they wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Is It Serious?

An enlarged prostate is a benign condition but left untreated can cause other complications. If you suffer from an enlarged prostate and are unable to urinate, the urine eventually backs up in your kidneys, causing urinary tract infections, kidney infections and bladder issues.

Natural Prostate Treatment

Today, men can use a variety of natural treatments, including following proper diet and exercise and taking a natural supplement that can reduce the enlarged prostate. The supplement that helps the most is one that contains zinc and Beta Sitosterol. The Beta Sitosterol relieves the urinary issues an enlarged prostate cause. Zinc is recommended to actually decrease the size of the enlarged prostate. When men combine their healthy diet with natural supplements that help with the symptoms, as well as the size of the prostate, they are able to regain control of their lives again without the need for medication or surgery.

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