NEC Phone System Options

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Business

If you’re working on expanding your business, finding the perfect phone system can be a bit overwhelming. There is a solution that has a lot of great features and is ideal for businesses like yours. NEC phone systems were designed for affordability and created for people like you. It’s almost a foolproof decision to purchase any kind of phone system from NEC, but there is one in particular that has a lot of great features. It is the DSX 160, which is the largest in the DSX family. If you’re looking for a hybrid key system that supports T1 and PRI digital lines, you’re in luck because the DSX 160 does.

With the ability to support 96 phones and 64 outside lines, the DSX 160 is an NEC phone system. Finding a phone with high performance and flexibility is important, especially when you want a customized system to fit within your company’s wants and needs. Businessmen do not have much time to waste trying to figure out which phone to work with, which is why many companies that offer digital phone systems to people highly recommend NEC phone systems. The features are amazing. The ability to support 160 phones is only the beginning.

If you are expanding and expecting more growth later, you don’t want to start with a phone system that limits you in the ability to add more phones or lines. Some great features of this NEC phone system includes things like the workgroup feature. When you’re working and want to conduct a multiple party conference, you’re covered. If you’re looking for advanced speakerphone capabilities, on-board flash memory, and software upgrades, the DSX 160 NEC phone system has those features too.

There is no reason you’re going to find that’ll cause you not to want an NEC phone system, regardless of whether you want the DSX 160 or if you’re looking for something smaller. There is an NEC phone system made for small businesses with support for only eight outside lines and 24 digital phones. While that’s a significant change from the DSX 160, it’s ideal for smaller businesses. It might only support a smaller number of phones but still has all the features of the DSX 160. You won’t have a problem finding a phone system that fits your business.

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