Newly Renovated Homes For Sale at Irvington NJ

Newly Renovated Homes For Sale in Irvington NJ, which is a Newark, New Jersey, are available directly from an experienced brokerage firm. There are a few advantages to purchasing a home this way. First, the home has already been completely renovated, so it is modern and energy efficient. Appliances are new so operating them will not drive up utility bills. New homeowners can move right in and not have to worry about small repairs that are needed in many homes that have been on the market for several months. No drafts will have to be sealed, no leaky pipes to fix, and no squeaky door hinges to treat.

Another advantage is that the price of the house will be lower than a comparable home with the same features. Some brokerage firms purchase homes that need work, renovate them, and sell them quickly. The investment comes from a rapid process and quick turn around time. Since there is very little overhead and nominal cost for renovations, the firm can sell the houses for less money and still be earning a profit. The firm is buying, selling, and renting other properties at the same time, so their business survival or success does not rely on getting top dollar for flipped houses. Eliminating the added expense of extra advertising, a separate real estate agent, and outside brokerage fees also helps keep the asking price for the house lower than market value. That lets perspective home buyers get more house for their money. Interested buyers can view current Renovated Homes For Sale 07106 at

If homeowners need to sell their homes quickly, have vacant properties they want to sell, or are facing foreclosure, they may benefit from the "fair cash" program available. The firm will evaluate the property and decide if it meets buying criteria. Houses in any condition are considered. If they make an offer, the closing can be in as little as 30 days. Cash is paid for the house. The owners do not have to cover the costs for municipal inspections, certifications, or attorney’s fees. The home owners are paid an agreed upon price, the home is then renovated, and sold at less than market value.

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