Obtaining Your Lymphedema Certification

Anyone who is qualified to obtain lymphedema certification is already in a position where their desire to help others is readily apparent. Many people in the medical field as well as those who have extensive experience in the field of massage therapy have the ability to take a course and obtain their certification to provide the treatment for this serious condition which affects many people around the country. This could be the next step in your journey to help those who are in pain or discomfort and you can begin your certification today.

Lymphedema certification covers many different topics and techniques all of which are important to the treatment of this condition. You will be taught about the lymphatic system and cover the necessary topics in anatomy, physiology, and pathology. In addition, all components of Complete Decongestive Therapy will be taught during this course.

PICTURE:   Complete Decongestive Therapy

Those who receive lymphedema certification will be taught the difference between treating the condition in adults and in children as well as how to handle the situation when different areas of the body are afflicted. You will also learn decongestive exercises that you can teach to patients who have gone through the therapy and should continue treatment on their own in order to achieve the best results for dealing with the ailment. This is a good step for patients after they have received treatment for their primary or secondary lymphedema and should be encouraged in the situations where it is beneficial.

The lymphedema certification course will also cover auxiliary topics as well, such as proper skin and nail care for those who are working through the treatment.  It also covers topics such as billing issues that can arise when treating this condition. This is included so that those who obtain the certification are prepared for all of the eventualities that may arise during their time treating those who require their assistance.

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