Occasions That Call for Chocolate Gold Coins

Gold coins are often associated with various holidays and celebrations. However, real gold coins can be rather expensive. Most people can’t afford to give them out. Instead of giving out real gold coins, though, you can give out chocolate gold coins instead. These coins offer the same look without the cost of real gold coins so you can give them to anyone for those special celebrations.

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to make use of chocolate gold coins. This holiday is an Irish holiday that celebrates many of the Irish traditions and legends. One of these legends deals with the leprechauns and their gold treasures. Whether you are having a party or just want to give your children something special for the holiday, filling a small black pot with these gold coins made of chocolate can make a great gift.

If your children are into pirates, you can use chocolate gold coins to indulge their pirate spirit without breaking the bank. You can conduct a small treasure hunt in the back yard or around the house by hiding these coins in various places and setting your children loose to find them. Or you can put together a treasure hunt with clues strategically placed around the home. At the end, you can place a small treasure chest filled with these coins for your children to enjoy.

Another option for using this type of gold coins is as a favor for your child’s birthday party. Whether you are having a pirate-themed party or maybe a princess theme, the chocolate gold coins will be a hit with the kids. Arrange them out on the tables at each place for the children to enjoy as dessert or package them up in miniature treasure chests or favor bags for the children to take home with them to enjoy after the party is over.

Chocolate gold coins work well for many different occasions. Whether you are celebrating a holiday, such as St. Patrick’s Day, or you are throwing a special party for a birthday or other occasion, you can use these gold coins as a favor or as part of a game. A treasure hunt is a great way to allow children to find these treasures without having to give them real money. Not to mention that many children will enjoy the special treat that chocolate provides.


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