One Of Life’s Essential Luxuries

It is true, that an air conditioning unit has become part of our lives. You can choose the temperature you would like to live and work in comfortably. At the flick of a switch your life changes from “Phew, it’s hot today” to “What a lovely day”. Let’s face it, when you live or work in Beverley Hills you will need an air conditioning unit.

That said, however, your air conditioning unit will need repairs at some time during the course of its life span. In fact it is absolutely essential that your air conditioning unit is serviced regularly and this could mean the difference between your unit from not working as it should, or breaking down completely.

Whether you are inclined to do some maintenance yourself or you call in an air conditioning repairs company, then you will start with the filter. I have an air conditioning repairs service in Beverley Hills which regularly services my AC and last time the technician was in my home we chatted as he worked. He explained that to get the best out of my air conditioning unit I need to have the filters cleaned or replaced regularly. Do not leave them too long because they can get quite dirty which results in blocking the air flow.

You don’t have to be trained though to get the message he was giving me and that is that if you do not have your air conditioning unit serviced regularly then it will not work as it should and it will use more energy than is necessary while it struggles to keep you cool. I did look up air conditioning filter and it said that you can lower your fuel consumption by anything from five to fifteen per cent just by keeping it clean. He said that you would need to clean the filter more often if you have pets in your home, or if you stay in a dusty area, or even if you use a lot of talcum powder in your bathroom.  
There are various kinds of filters and if you are going to service your own air conditioning unit then it would be useful to get the best advice you can from an Air Conditioning Repairs store. They will advise you and supply you with the correct part. Or you could just call them in to service your Air Conditioning unit.
The technician took a piece of wire and worked on the drain channels. It was amazing how much debris was in there. He told me that he was going to clean the coil too and suggested that I have a UV light installed. A UV light will kill all mould in the air conditioning unit. Now that is a job for a qualified technician and I certainly would not want to tackle anything like that.

If you are going to service your own air conditioning unit, then it would be best to take advice from an  air conditioning repair Beverley Hills  area store like Grand Heating Air Conditioning.


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