Orthodontics And Braces

If you think you need braces, in Lakeview, the logical step is to consult someone who specializes in orthodontics. This is the best way to discover whether this is what you need or if another form of dentistry is better capable of helping correct your dental issue. It is important you address the situation as soon as possible as your smile is among your best resources in this life. Teeth that are not taken care of as soon as possible, can result in affecting how you will be able to greet the world. After all, research indicates that a smile is linked to the degree of confidence an individual expresses.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry. It addresses any oral issues that affect the ability of the jaws and teeth to align properly. In particular these specialists, called orthodontists, look at crooked and misaligned teeth as well as teeth positioned improperly on the jaw so they do not “fit” and work as a proper unit. Orthodontists consider the following as instances or conditions attracting their attention:

  • Overbite or Buck Teeth
  • Underbite
  • Gaps or Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Misplaced midline

The dentist will look at the dental issue. In many instances, what he or she will recommend are braces.


The most common type of dental appliance recommended are braces. In Lakeview, many individuals from children to adults wear braces to correct certain irregularities of their teeth. They come in different types. For children and young adults, these appliances are composed of a combination of bands and bracket or wires.

Where once braces were dreaded because of their overall resemblance to a medieval torture device, they are now regarded in a more favorable light. While not exactly embraced by children and teenagers, they are, at least worn with less trepidation. Braces are now lighter, smaller and reveal far less metal than in the past. They are also available in different colors for those who want to flaunt them.

For many adults, typical braces are not feasible. The mechanisms they utilize and the specific approach are not best for realigning adult teeth. Moreover, the average working environment is not conducive to the wearing of the type of braces children wear. Fortunately, there is an option and with its latest technology, people are actually embracing the chance to correct improperly aligned teeth. Known as Invisalign, these adult braces are almost invisible when worn.

Technology has been of great help to the dental profession. It has reduced the pain of visiting a dentist. It has also made it possible for children, youths and adults to wear braces without flinching. In fact, in the case of Invisalign, braces in Lakeview are worn by adults with what almost amounts to pride.

Getting Braces in Lakeview is no longer a tedious chore. Whether you are a child or not, you will find they are not as horrific or terrible as they have been in the past. This is particularly true if you visit the experts at Polished. The staff will not only help you make a choice on the type of braces but make you feel comfortable while they fit them. 

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