Outdoor Lighting Solutions: Solar Lanterns

Summer is probably the best time of year for most of the country. No doubt there are regions where it’s too hot in July and August to enjoy the season, but otherwise summer is just a beautiful time of year. It’s the time of year where you want to spend the most time outside, during the day, or during the night. The sun is bright and out longer and later and it’s just pleasant to be outside. However, if you want to spend an evening outdoors you have limited lighting solutions, one set of solutions to consider are solar lanterns. They are not the only solution of course, but they offer a good blend of price and versatility.

The traditional solutions are to light candles or mount lighting on the house itself. Since watch batteries have become better more people have tried using battery operated candles. LEDs have helped with this since they provide a surprising amount of light considering their low battery drain. The problem is that they can burn through batteries quicker than you would hope, and there are limited options for house mounted lighting. Candles are an option, but they have limited applications due to the fire risk, and their heat. You don’t want to have a candle anywhere near particularly dry material, it probably won’t fall, but if it does the results can be disastrous. Nor do you want to put a naked candle on a plastic table, and if it’s not a candle in a glass it can cause an unholy mess of wax drippings all over its self and the table.

The biggest advantage to solar lanterns is that they can provide a steady amount of light every night without going through batteries at a blistering pace. They can also be designed to simulate the appearance of candle light lanterns, but without the fear that if it falls you’ll have a fire. With solar lanterns you also don’t have to worry about the mess of hot wax, or dealing with lighting the candle. On their own solar lanterns won’t replace your need for lighting if you want to read outside, but they make rather small and affordable book lights for that. What they’re best for is if you want to share a few drinks and time with your friends outdoors. You don’t need a spot light, but you simply want enough light that you can see what’s going on. If you want a bright light it’s probably easiest to mount something on your house, just bear in mind that those lights can be very expensive.

Outdoor lighting can be surprisingly difficult to handle, but solar lanterns can be a solution for certain situations. With the versatility and low price they offer, it’s understandable why people would go out of their way to find them. Solar Santa is an online retailer of solar lighting solutions. Solar Santa can be found online at http://www.solarsanta.com/index.htm

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